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hanging ground. chilling ground, home, area where you live
ive got bare mans up my yard
po tom and steve Октобар 25, 2003
205 70
$100 dollars.
Yo Rob, i heard that stuff cost you 2 yards!
po DH. Droppin it like its hot! Април 16, 2003
296 162
your home
"my milkshake brings all the boys to my yard.."

"meet you at my yard in 5, aight?"
po §håÐðw Мај 21, 2004
136 49
your home
'do you want to go out tonight?'
'nah im stayin at yard'
po Mini Monty Јун 6, 2003
90 59
house, home place where you live
I am going to my yard to wank off!
po Moussa Март 16, 2005
63 40
Prison. Refers to prison yards in correctional facilities.
We form like niggas in the yard up north -Mobb Deep
po HKIC Април 11, 2004
55 34
Logform for "ya" - the result of autocorrect malfunctions in Windows Mobile - also, Thanksgiving is the same sort of a word - takes a simple saying and makes it complex, thus funny.
Yards, i really liked that movie
po Graham Fairbank Децембар 19, 2007
19 2