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A white dude who is trying to be Indian.
Yo man, look at that windian hangin' with Punjab and Mahontek.
po JP Децембар 15, 2004
An enthusiastic caucasian proponent of Native American culture, usually exhibiting various degrees of cultural appropraition, including but not limited to:
- the "taking" of an "Indian Name"
- wearing of various articles of generic Native American garb including moccasins, ribbon shirts etc.
- hanging a Dream Catcher in anything other than the appropriate place (ie: the car rearview mirror, on your keychain)
- sporting a T-shirt or sweatshirt with various dramatic spiritual representations of wolves, eagles or Indian Princesses swirling around a planet or tree
- approaching any random Native American person and holding your hand to their heart, declaring solidarity and apologizing for what your ancestors did to the First Peoples
- believing that you are Native American because your great-great-great grandmother's half sister once made out with a Cherokee
The strange Windian woman wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with wolves approached, and with a far away look in her eye she said, "Are you Native American? My uncle handed down his Indian Name to me, I am White Eagle Feather. So sorry about all the imperialism and such. Do you know where I can find a good sweat lodge?"
po Stufleupagus Мај 21, 2006
A person who is half white and half Indian
Hey Neil, look at that girl over there, I bet she's a windian
po The windian Март 27, 2014
A cockasian person who behaves or acts like a native american.
"ohh chief im red not white." clamed idiot windian Matt White as he hobbled out of his wigwam.
po Vorgto Јануар 1, 2004
A term used by brits (black & white) to refer to those from the West Indies, i.e. Jamaica.
"How did we end up in all this ragga business. We ain't even Jamaicans, man. Always trying to keep up with the Windians. Ain't we the real Africans though? It all started with us, and here's us trying to hang. Straining to chat like them from their tiny island."
Source: Movie called Bashment-2010
po johnalexander06 Октобар 2, 2013
A caucasian person who has become annoyingly enamored of Native American culture and embarassingly tries to incorporate these traditions into their life. This includes adopting a spirit animal, participating in "sweats," decorating homes and rearview mirrors with dreamcatchers, much to the amusement and or disgust of other caucasians and Native Americans. A variant of the concept behind the term "wigger."
"Where's Jim?"
"He's gone to spend the weekend sitting in the woods with nothing but a blanket and discover himself."
"I know, flipping windian idiot."
po funkiemunkee Фабруар 4, 2010
A person who is half Welsh, half Indian
the windians of wales rule e.g. kristina and cara
po cmzr Октобар 9, 2006
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