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poor man's porn.
Oh man that victoria's secret magazine is nice as hell!
po carly Јануар 5, 2004
1050 216
Something Victoria doesn't want to tell you.
No, I certaintly won't tell you. It's Victoria's Secret!
po Tromboja Јануар 2, 2005
1068 288
Victoria's Secret is that she really buys her underwear from Walmart.
"Let's go buy some extremely overpriced g-strings at Victoria's Secret."
po lacey Мај 7, 2005
663 282
Victoria's Secret: Lace in your ass-crack is uncomfortable.
Victoria's Secret must stay secret, or else she'll be poor.
po GAW II Октобар 24, 2008
492 170
A store where straight men often pretend to be gay so they can work there, folding panties. Only to find that later on, it prevents them from getting laid, and they never get to size women for bras.
lalala victoria's secret
po crayonzzzz Новембар 28, 2009
362 80
the secret is victoria is a man
(barfing after reading0
po Chris Фабруар 24, 2005
567 324
1. Women's clothing store famous for it's catalog with hot models in lingerie.

2. I don't know...she won't tell me...

1. I bought my wife some pajamas from Victoria's Secret at the mall.

2. Joe: What the hell is Victoria smiling about?
Ed: I don't know...she won't tell me...
po naknumm Фабруар 1, 2008
361 123