To be a woman in Travis's world is an amazing place, to be his women is what you dreamed of! He's not fancy but never looks bad, he can wear a pair of old jeans, and a work shirt and girls stare, and want! In bed you lack nothing with Travis, he may go down and never come up for air! You want to please him but you can't stop him from pleasing you! Travis is kind, thoughtful and tougher than nails, his wit is unwordly, keeps you laughing and in amazement! If Travis is down, most people won't know, because Travis's motto is keep on going to you break then you can quit! Bravo for all the moms that brought Travis into this world. What a guy!
Joe: you gotta meet my buddy Travis!
John: well me and some friends were gonna go on a road trip.

Joe: trust me, cancel you don't wanna miss the chance to hang out with Travis!

John: really? Well what are you guys plans?
Joe: don't know, whatever we do, with Travis never fails to be a good time for all, mostly epic, never less then remarkable!

Stacy: so I heard you went out with Travis, I have to know, is it all true?

Katie: I have no words.

Stacy: really your not gonna tell me!?

Katie: yes! The answer is yes! And I feel like saying yes! Yes! Is really all I can say, and mostly what I kept saying!

Stacy: so it's true, Travis, how? Who cares it's true. Wow?
po Everygirlthatsknowntravis Новембар 20, 2012
Travis is an impressive man of wit and brawn. He's a stud with the ladies and often is overcome by so many women wanting his enormous junk. He is a virtuoso at everything he does and is the proverbial anti-chris. Travis is the kryptonite of Chris and is the only hope the world has for defeating the mighty Chris. He battles with his powerful allies: Roger Federer, Taylor Lautner, Rafael Nadal, Michael Schumacher, Jeremy Clarkson, and the almighty Datsun 280Z. Travis can defeat Chris only with the power of the stock 1978 Datsun 280Z because it is poison to Chris, comparable to a silver bullet to a werewolf.
Holy fuck, I think that was just Travis and his counterparts coming from the great battle of Chris vs. Travis. He must have slain the beast and claimed his beautiful latina girlfriend for his own.
po Rogerfedsun280z Децембар 6, 2010
Sexy, Cute, and an amazing sweet talker. Caring, and Makes everyone feel loved. Makes good grades, and works to make his goals. Knows how to make you feel cared, and how to make you even tear up out of happiness. He knows best<3 he's wonderful, amazing, special and My everyday hero. The best friend, amazing listener.
That was so sweet, Like a Travis.

He looks so sexy, such a Travis.
po Mynameishisbestfriend Јун 4, 2012
an alien who sets science books on fire. ;]
travis recorded him setting books on fire !
po angelica rf. Август 30, 2008
A tie dye ninja using skilled hands and dimples on prey Travis is extremely smart and cunning He thinks so much you will find yourself intrigued by the things you dont know or understand about him handsom with a great butt and skin Modest even though he knows he's a legend on the streets and between the sheets. Loving Travis is inevitable if he wants it He loves his girl even though she's crazy She is also awesome and loves him too He is complex Its always usually interesting He has a big sexy man muscle with great pubes He is funny The best cuddler in town He can party a GOOD friend or GIRLFRIEND is advised to be around for it Travis mostly never dosent smell sexy He could rock a drip of patchouli for a week but rarely does chain smokes in his sleep but the person who usually babysits while he's sleeping would not rather be keeping anyone else from burning down the house He loves his Mama He's a Taurus on the cusp of Aries and fits his sign well He is good at anything he wants to be good at anything he puts his mind to Travis cant make up his mind He is tall and fun to look at unknown if a Travis can sing but its been said he does Karaoke Travis likes flashy lights colors tech tv sex steak girls in underware cramps in his feet tools partying secrets sleeping cuddling cats feeling groovy loving games festivals Neil Young and pillows. Travis also means; at a cross road
Im stopped at a travis, who has the right of way?
po ~cstoy~ Април 7, 2012
my brother
The best brother ever is TRAVIS
po Ballin' buddy marie Фабруар 9, 2010
The best guy you will ever meet. He goes well with a Jasmin.
He has brown-blonde hair, and amazing eyes.

He is hot and cute at the same time. Everything about him makes girls go crazy. He's big into flirting, but he knows where his heart is.
Girl 1: Wow, that guy is so hot and cute and amazing at the same time!
Girl 2: He's probably a Travis
Girl 3: His name is Travis. I talked to him yesterday
po California Gurl Август 6, 2012

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