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the female equivalent of a sausage fest.
"Dude, that John Mayer concert was a total taco stand."
po Gearmond Јануар 3, 2009
28 9
A brothel
I spent all my money at the Taco Stands in Vegas.
po Cape Cod Viking Новембар 2, 2008
5 1
A place where you can go to acquire non-citizen labor.
Hey I am going to the Taco Stand at 7-11 to see if I can find someone to help me move my couch.
po makingtheworldabetterplace Мај 13, 2010
4 1
A buttload of pussy all at once!!! plural
I ate a fucking taco stand last night!!!
po eminemthethug Јун 14, 2003
9 7
An event or location where women normally go to pick up men, but is inexplicably occupied by other women. See also: hotdog stand
This club is a total taco stand. Where are all the guys?!
po LegalizeWords Август 19, 2010
1 1
the letter's stand in Scrabble game
You put your taco on the taco stand, while keeping the letters in your hand hahahaha what the fuck

po Riderman1 Јануар 3, 2007
0 4
1. A small house of female prostitution.
2. A closet, shed, or cardboard box used for prostitution by a female.
3. A stand with base for holding a prosthetic vagina.
4. A stand often with base for holding a common taco.
Not to mistake a fishy refrigerator box for a tacostand, but I would not put it past this alley.
po Praerie Sequin Март 6, 2010
0 6