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TP is short for Toilet Paper. Those of you who are fans of Beavis and Butthead should know this. Incase you ever wondered what the hell Beavis aka Cornholio was talking about.
Cornholio: ''I need TP, TP for my bunghole!''
po Nathan Ganley Јул 20, 2003
532 112
A form of vandalism where the vandals put toilet paper all over the victim's house.
I TPed my bitch science teacher's house last night. I also put my dog's crap in her mailbox and egged the door and windows.
po Ftkdb Rdyro Јул 5, 2003
286 107
1. toilet paper

2. to festoon the trees and shrubs of a residential yard with toilet paper
Did you little punks TP my yard?
po Light Joker Јануар 22, 2006
141 49
Triple Penetration
Last night we made this girl join the Triple P (treepl pee) club.
po DiehardDildo Мај 4, 2003
243 156
toilet paper
TP for my Bunghole!
po boogie Јануар 7, 2004
109 59
"Take pics". It is a command used when one person finds a situation particularly interesting and demands that pictures be taken for the internet.
"I am so drunk right now at this party"

"I just got arrested"

"My family is completely drunk at the wedding and my grandfather just sung a Broadway show tune to the bride and groom"
po Cat Baker Мај 4, 2009
116 82
Gaming term usually stating a teleport to a town or a certain place town portal etc.
I Need A TP To The Human Town!
po Juay Септембар 24, 2004
103 76