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Super, superb, wonderful. Everything is good.
Today is going to be a super day. :)

po GucciLiving Март 12, 2013
6 1
the landlord of a tenant, a person of fixes broken things in a tenant's apartment.
The Super came by and fixed my pipe.
po Jay Ryes Јул 1, 2005
31 25
Adverb used as a qualifier in place of "very", "really" or "so". Its use has become extremely common in Southern California, and could be said to be a part of SoCal English. Similar in use to hella in Northern California, although super is not generally used to mean "a lot" or "many".
Guy 1: You picked up your new board today?
Guy 2: Yeah, I'm super stoked.

I was super hungry when I got home last night.

She's super intense.
po P1984 Новембар 4, 2006
15 11
When used in as a prefix for any adjective, it implies that the adjective should be accompianied by a cape.
That's Super-Gay - that's Gay with a Cape!!
po Amandinator Фабруар 25, 2008
5 2
An adjective that can be used to descibe absolutely everything, making the described item look better than it really is.
I wonder what kind of toothbrush I should buy... I'll take this one. It says "super."
po zacon Новембар 11, 2003
36 33
Big Gay Al's favourite word.
You want to hump my arse? That's super!
po Lady Delilah of Appletree Мај 30, 2004
37 36
A word that can either be expressed with great enthusiasm or extreme sarcasm. It is often used as a one-word response to a question.
Q: How were the tacos, Gracie?
Q: How was taking that CPA Exam, Jenn?
A: Super.
Q: What did you think of Kelly?
A: She was soooooo SUPER! What a blessing she is to this world.
Q: Did you have fun spending time with Holly yesterday?
A: Yeah, it was....super.
po Rugalicios Def Март 8, 2011
3 3