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to drop a load, to take a number 2, to shit, to poop
My bowels were rumbling because I had to take a smash real bad.
po finder_error Септембар 17, 2002
1529 1295
1. The action/process of fucking someone good.
1a. Hittin' it
1b. Tappin that ass.
1. Damn, Keri looks good as shit!..I just wanna smash her!
po Tai Јун 30, 2003
3749 1667
to fuck someone really good
Danger, she smashed the homie
po STUD21 Август 26, 2009
424 246
Used in a lot of ways but for MY definition is to drink or eat,smoke,ingest, take anything fast as hell.
"Man I'm hungry as hell lets smash some food."

"The club is about to close man let me SMASH these beers real quick so we can head to the after set."
po jaysoul Април 28, 2010
714 654
To Inject a drug Intraveneously.
I smashed 24mgs of dilaudid last night.
po Orlando Frenandez Новембар 15, 2009
722 697
(verb) To smash, or to play super smash bros.
(noun) Smash, short for super smash bros.
(verb) Hey man wan go smash?
(noun) Let's go play some smash.
po Gamefan99 Новембар 28, 2011
78 57
to have sex, sexual relations any sexual manner, to fuck
We been together for 2 days now when you going to let me SMASH?

Man! I went in there at 6 I didn't leave til' 10 I was SMASHING all night.
po Rickey G Децембар 14, 2003
67 53