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to run one's finger up the crack of a bum as if it were a credit card.
I sliced him and he squealed like a pig.
po Porker Фабруар 27, 2004
One who rarely leaves the futon and spends the majority of their time nigging (see nigging). Also, many times includes, but is not limited to, smoking weed and drinking beer and or pussing out.
Its 1 pm and Eric is already drunk, what a slice.
po Slice-master Септембар 16, 2010
A part of the hair sheared into the 'fro of a brother.
Barber (sprinkling Ed. Pinaud on a neck duster): "All done, my man. Remind me, you want your slice left, right or down main street?"

Leon (admiring hisself in the mirror): "Slice me left, bro."
po spence25 Јануар 24, 2012
An exclamation made when something good has happened or when a goal has been achieved. May also be used to announce victory.
I just talked my way out of a traffic ticket! Slice!

Dude, I just destroyed your fantasy team this week. SLICE!
po Buttsey57 Јул 25, 2011
The vagina
I want to lick her in the slice
po Eloquence! Јануар 22, 2011
Slang for the ladies, derived from pieces of pie
Lookee over there, I reckon I'll have me two of them slices!
po Hillbilly Jo Април 4, 2003
Another way to say pizza
hey , can i get a slice?
po Yoimthebombliketicktock Мај 30, 2011