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Its skateboard not rollerblade(fruit booter).
Skateboarding kicks ass.
po cartman5000 Јул 27, 2004
409 209
(verb) to leave.
"Look baby, if you ain't gonna give me no ass, Imo hafta skate."
po The Hawk Октобар 3, 2002
211 135
Originates from Naval sailors of Portsmouth in England getting lonely while at sea. These sick individuals would get a skate fish, slit it in half and nail it to a board. This would then be used to provide sexual pleasure.

Hence people from Portsmouth are known as Skates.
Harry Redknapp is a skate. Peter Crouch used to be a skate but he's alright now.
po Oliver Cuntwell Август 12, 2006
268 197
to goof off or take it easy.
That job is skate duty. You fuckers have been skating and didn't get the job done.
po Bob L Јул 3, 2003
172 112
Military terminology meaning any service member who avoids his duties.
Private Jones is a real skate. This is the fifth time this month he avoided garbage detail.
po Arnie Schiffer Мај 11, 2008
88 37
Military acronym used as steps to accomplish skating, aka: avoiding work.
S= Seek Cover
K= Keep Quiet
A= Accept No Responsibility
T= Take No Action
E= Evade
Use S.K.A.T.E. to accomplish effective skating.
po S1ber Јул 8, 2010
52 14
a 4 wheelin board to pop a nice 10 stiar handy
skate on your sisters can bed
po sodomy Мај 3, 2003
117 80