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To snipe someone using a shotgun equipped with a scope.
Little Timmy: What the fuck just happened?

Bob: I just shiped your ass.
po LegendaryMobin Октобар 12, 2009
11 6
To shipe is to sleep with somebody, but nothing happens of a sexual nature. You are literally sleeping with somebody.
"Katie and Anne Marie are going to shipe tonight"
po David Новембар 1, 2004
32 27
The plural of sheep.
Look at all the shipe!
po freeeeench Јануар 9, 2010
9 9
pronounced like hippe but shippie , it is known as a hippie on a boat
Wow look at that group of shipes ruining our first family cruise
po RINZ54 Август 8, 2010
0 1
A family name. Known in the southeast USA as a very influential family with strong ties to the community.
influential; Political; very giving to the community
po Mike Април 8, 2005
5 6