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a term used to say a beautiful, amazing, and stunning girl
Why cant everyone be a sejal huh?
po PG93 Април 13, 2008
317 181
(n) The most amazing, perfect, funny, and gorgeous girl you will ever meet! She's known for her sexy and outgoing style, and knows how work it. Usually a person of Indian origin, but the name has became so likeable that it has spread to other parts of the world!
I want a sejal!
po wackawackalikeshakira Март 30, 2011
94 41
A brown, indian chick that loves bananas
Look at that girl eating 5 bananas at once, she must be a sejal
po weheartindianchicks Март 30, 2014
0 0
n. Describes a conservative girl with an affection for blowjobs.
She's such a sejal. A hummer is all she ever thinks about.
po God of Water Март 27, 2009
88 120