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Screw + hump = Scrump
do you wanna go behind the bleachers and scrump
po illogical Јануар 8, 2005
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a dwarf
You're the vile little scrump, if anyone is.
po chickencherrycola Јун 17, 2015
(noun) A doll created by Lilo in the movie Lilo and Stitch.
"This is scrump! I made her myself!"
po lilo-stitch Мај 24, 2006
To steal apples
Lets go a'scrumpin!
po me Фабруар 1, 2003
to have convenient sex; usually brief and decidedly unromantic; uncontentious and often with a friend or an indifferent ex.; could be laden with guilt, but isn't;
we lived on the same floor freshman year, sometimes down to scrump when other plans failed.
po might. Март 9, 2005
To steal apples
Let's go scrump behind the woodshed!
po John Март 18, 2003
A male or female who has no clue. Completely out of the loop on life and helpless. One who lacks confidence/success/carisma/hygene/common sense. Needs direction.
He went to the gym today with holes all in his socks...what a SCRUMP!

My husband has skidmarks in his underwear, so scrumpy.
po bdyke Јануар 29, 2015

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