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caribbean/jamaican slang, meaning "to make an angry face"
"wah wit dat screw face yah hab?" (what's with that angry face you have?)
po La la la la Април 9, 2007
144 19
1) like a poker face...revealing nothing
2) the scowl etched on inner-city kids faces
"Screwface means I'm not pleased/ Screwface means I'm not amused/ Screwface means I just wanna walk, not talk/ Screwface means I just wanna leave." ~ dizzee
po dani wu Јул 6, 2004
177 70
to scower or frown at another
a look of disgust or distaste
" yo dude that cheif just screw faced you as we walked by, come we merk him"
po mr majestic Јун 5, 2005
139 69
A crazy Jamaican drug dealer from the movie Marked for Death.
John Hatcher says "You bailed out a Jamaican street named Monkey the other day, I want him. This other piece of shit, Screwface, I want him."

Screwface says "I want Hatcha dead. I want his family dead. If you can't kill him, I go kill him. Then I'm gonna kill you
po paulkersey Јул 23, 2012
21 7
When dubstep is so dirty and heavy it makes you screw your face to show your sheer appreciation of the track
Me: Ahhh man Funtcase make me screw face so hard
po BadmanClowes Фабруар 1, 2013
11 21
wen sum1 is deeplpy pissed off they gta angry face so it means they screwing
shit man dat G is screwface hard
po Sam Јул 26, 2004
71 84
The face a girl makes when your banging her
I heard that girl has a cute screw face
po Dante30 Јул 19, 2010
23 65