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But shoot the seals.
po Cheech and Chong Јул 30, 2003
69 27
The most random thing to say during a conversation.
"And then he said that my butt was big, so I said to shove it."
"You go girl save the whales!
po Zach G. Новембар 28, 2003
29 8
A general expression to summarize all environmentalist aims. It is usually used mockingly, cynically, or sarcastically.
Person 1: I'm going to Mexico to help plant trees.

Person 2: (rolling eyes) Ya, Save the Whales.
po LetsGoSavetheWhales Јул 10, 2008
19 3
Screw the whales! If they can't adapt to changes in their environment, they might as well just die out.
If you say "Save the Whales!" I'll say "Survival of the Fittest!"
po Captain Pollution Јул 19, 2003
23 34
Actually whales are diing because humans are over killing them, (mainly the Japanese)
whoever said that whales cant adapt to there environment should die themselves.
po Mam Август 29, 2004
12 29