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An asshole presented butt-up for anal sex.
Aye, some say gash is free but it's ever some roundeye for me!
po untergrunt Септембар 10, 2008
15 25
What the Indians (native americans) called the white pioneers.
Me Bald Eagle,
You roundeye.
11 35
an annoying person who assumes the identity of the group he is currently standing next to. identifiable if you have everyone ask where's roundeye, then laughing hysterically, if he laughs and asks the question he's a roundeye
"hey sac have you seen roundeye" (hahaha)
"no, where's roundeye?"
po la cueva drumline Јул 31, 2003
4 42
A term used to describe the crew back at home.
Listen to me you ROUND EYE.
po Pat Mat Октобар 29, 2007
13 55
Cracker ass mother fucker that doesn't know I'm insulting his stupid ass.
Hey! Round eye, not in the brown eye!!!
po Hung Lo Септембар 3, 2003
39 109
I want to stick it in her round eye
po ReparateMe.com Август 23, 2007
13 84