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1. A Poser of Rock Music
2. One who listens to rock music in order to achieve recognition from his friends and peers
3. One who listen to rock music but makes that particular genre look bad by acting like a complete idiot
4. One who acts weird for the sake of being weird, when in reality they are not
5. One who is Scene and takes side myspace/facebook profile pictures with hair covering one eye.
6. One who looks really dirty, hair covers their faces but they don't play or listen to good music.
7. Not musically inclined.
8. Naive and Ignorant human beings
9. Choose not to educate themselves in terms of music or life
10. Cut Themselves for no reason
1. "John is such a rocker fag, he only has emo because girls like it"
2. "John started a screamo band and his rocker fag band isn't even trying to improve their horrible sounding music"
3. "Those kids by the tree, just smoke weed and drink alcohol because they think that's what rock music is about, they are such rocker fags!"
4. "I love metal, punk, emo, jazz, ALL kinds of music, but those rocker fags think that if they are "rockers" they only have to listen to rock music, and bad rock music at that"
po ChristopherLangley Април 14, 2008
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