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while recieving a blowjob,right befor you cum the woman/man karate chops your dick and blood comes out
your dog accidentally gave me a red dragon, but its ok
po David Josh Chino california Април 28, 2008
41 88
You cum in a girl's face, then give her a bloody nose.
That bitch bitched at me when I have her a Red Dragon. She needed a nose job, anyways.
po StONY Јануар 25, 2004
29 77
when you lift a chubby disabled kids shirt up to expose his body to the public
you see that kid Trevor? yea i red dragoned him so bad, he almost fell out of his wheelchair
po kenneth wu Март 14, 2011
32 84
when your fucking a girls mouth and you knock out her front tooth with your balls. Not only will she have dragon teeth, but blood will drip from her mouth like she just ate a live animal, thus the look of the red dragon.
Don't you give me that red dragon face....clean that shit up!
po Daillestpimp Јануар 1, 2004
13 65
When a male is fucking a girl on her, he pulls out his bloody dick and presses it against her body, leaving an imprint known as the red dragon
she was on her rag so I gave her a red dragon
po Brazier Јул 31, 2003
21 74
just like the white, gold and brown dragon but with a girls periods.
Omg i love it when i red dragon my boyfriend, S E A N.
po motgtht Децембар 12, 2006
11 65
A term that has come to describe an Asian male after consuming alcohol. Due to a reaction to the liquor some asians experience a full body blush. A.K.A "Asian Glow"
DEANE (to Luke): "What's wrong with Mikey? He's all he sick?"
LUKE: "No Deane he's just a Red Dragon"
po Michael McElhiney Септембар 9, 2006
22 76