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any old bunch of crap that is thrown in together.
The froogle search showed a cat's hair mop that my bitch of an aunt refused to eat because her kitten's doctor had advised her against watching the new video by the old age hooligans. the Pharoas of egypt have taken their mobile phones and are now trying to felch a metaphysical representation of julius ceasar. the plaides have come down in the form of angels who aim to supplement the inorganic growth of tea pods because 1337 people have extended the antenna for maximum reception. The bottle is made biger by the magnifying glass or so one would think if the 14 presidents of the USA were real people. Fast track my mind into the vortex of immeasureable humanity so that the profane expressions of a rabid pundit can be tolerated by the mad goose that sits and chatters about the greater influences of butterflies on the phooning snow leopards of the sahara. A sting in the bing is a cool aria soundtrack where the jet planes all crashed into the mounds of the seven dead kings. I am drinking some whater now and if this goes on any longer you will get fucking irritated. frooling brooling grogs fet comb muck chigga wigga niche hournalism jet got goat froom pas quibejivemenns jsjjgoo sdoifjoidhfogi sdnfduoifhguoisdjfgj sdf sjkfidshfosjfdoiasfsdf coksllsjjsk cocksuckers.
po Gunkglumb Јун 5, 2005
1)the act of being so random and weird, that people find you hard to follow.

2)switching subjects so fast that you confuse many people

~Often random people have the attention span of a flea.~
Hey, I was atching the-and hey, that reminds me, did you know that monkeys can't touch their toes? so, anyway-oh, and neither can cats...haha, so, oh yeah, over the weekend I went to this place, and they served FREE COOKIES! and so the, yeah, and we have gym today. **bell rings**
Muaaaaah!!! Pizza time!!! **runs to get pizza
so anyway...oooh! shiny object!
po youXdunnoXme Јун 16, 2005
The act of being random.

Typically used by teenage girls who are inept of a regular social interaction. This idea of "humor" is commonly seen on the internet, such as MySpace or various forums.
The varying enactments of randomness in public places include shouting out non-sequiturs, such as "I'm a duck!" or "Magic unicorn hyperforce team of love!" and uttering them among their friends.
The performer of such verbal botchery often takes pride in their socially awkward achievements, for they have recreated an "original" type of humor that they find delightfully esoteric and fresh. Or they could just like bugging or dissuading people.
Person #1: Oh, hi! I'm Person #1! Nice to meet you! I like pink pinguins and twinkes! Teehee! Sorry, I'm random! Randomness!

Person #2: Heh. That's nice. Bye.
po MsAnonn Јул 30, 2009
something weird or unexpecting happens; an event that occurs completely out of the blue
Wario ware inc. games should be the definition of randomness.
po ramendoodles Јул 9, 2009
Complete unexpected wank that makes little sense
The cat sat on the mat

That Tree is Crazy

I'm a dog like phantom with 3 hairs on my head who likes bananas

Wheres my total guitar steve mags
po Fazza24 Фабруар 9, 2004
The art\skill of being so utterley random it
1)confuses people
2)impresses them
3)makes them feel weak compared to your powers of randomness

also used as a general term for anything you dislike
"did you know there was a museum for coathangers and that they sell coathanger shaped cheese and soap.
so i went to sainsburys and bought a cauliflower and then posted it to you"!!!


aagh my parents are such randomness,
your randomness makes me so horny
po Afromonk Август 24, 2006
An excuse for the incalcuably irrational actions of females under the age of 24.

The word is also used exclusively used by females under the age of 24. The most frequent use of the work occurs in the captions of MySpace or Facebook photos. These photos often times depict the subject participating in a seemingly odd or meaningless scenario with a peer.

In a more self-indulgent exhibits the word can be as a cover up for the obvious vanity associated with "artistic" or close up shots of body parts (e.g. lips, eyes, midsection, etc.) In this sense the word "randomness" becomes synonymous with the phrase "I have no explaination for these pictures other than the fact that they are a vain masterbation designed to stroke my own ego."

See masterphoter for an explanation of internet photography.
LOL What are we doing in this picture? OMG Randomness
po Sam Keeler Март 6, 2008
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