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London slang for costumer, may also be used for "johns" (among prostitutes and police agents), people who watch porn movies or go to strip joints regularly.
No punters, no business.
po kakihara Мај 26, 2006
493 154
Also a customer in a shop/establishment.
-shopkeep:"see what those punters want while i attend to this lady"
po i_s_t_h_a_t_m_y_t_i_e_? Март 1, 2004
392 178
One who visits brothels.

However in polite company, one who bets (on horce races), or visits your retail establishment.
Thw Whore House is full of Whores and Puters
po BigDipper Новембар 2, 2003
272 136
Someone who is ill-informed and liable to be taken advantage of. A sucker who lacks inside knowlege or savvy.
I felt like a right punter when I was at the carnival in Rio last year. Every taxi driver, shopkeeper, vendor and hustler in town had their hand in my pockets.
po Vegas_Malone Март 5, 2008
115 116
Plural of the word punter.
Dere wuz dis group of elderly punters, whut always filled de pub wit' dat old person smell.
po Smackbottom Hater Октобар 13, 2007
9 24
A program to flood peoples AIM or other Instant Messaging accounts. Flooding a person's account will deliberatly cause an error in the person's account, therefore causing that program to crash.
AIMPunter 2.1+ is the best punter out there. It causes everyone to be booted from online that I want.
po Jason Март 11, 2005
44 99
A program used to Crash people's AIM
You just got crashed by a Punter Bitch!
po Mike Фабруар 24, 2005
56 111