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Legendary character that allegedly made his first appearance at Leeds festival 2004, so named for his imitation of the children’s game where you stick swords in a barrel until the pirate "pops up". This particular version however involves the guy getting inside the disgusting pit below one of the toilet blocks, then waiting for someone to be about to urinate etc, then sticking his head out of the hole and shouting "POP UP PIRATE!!" Imitate at your own risk!
Mr A: I was about to go take a leak in the bogs, but there was some guy in the pit!

Dr B: YARRRRR!! it be pop up pirate!!
po DrJonas Август 31, 2006
1) A person or persons who you invite round only because you know they have connections to illegal films.

2) The DVD pirate films man/woman who turns up to your work every week with the latest collection of poor cam films of latest block buster.

3) A college at work who always comes in with a hard drive full of the latest films or TV programs and shares them out for shift swaps etc.
1) Steve, my pop up pirate, you fancy coming over tonight? I’ll bring the pizza and you bring the film, I heard you got Avatar and Sherlock Holmes.

2) Man “Iva got a Dev Vay Days, you want fiver each or tree for 10 pounds got lotta porn and cinema films, you buy now, cash point down road, I wait.”

3) Steve: “Mike I need you to cover my late’s next week got football practice every night.” Mike: “I’ll do it only if you give me a load of films to watch, I’ve finished the ones you gave me last week.”
po tomlizard Јануар 8, 2010
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