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How's your new boss?

He's a PITA.
po Brandon Март 9, 2004
1) Acronym for Pain In The Ass, a major annoyance.
2) Flat bread of Mediterranean origin, eaten as is or filled with small pieces of roasted meat, veggies, condiments, etc.
1) Reinstalling everything after a virus was a true PITA.
2) Greek-style pita is round and thickish, while Cypriot-style pita is elongated and thin.
po The Eternal Grunt Април 27, 2004
the word means pain in the ass
A co-worker who is doing stupid stuff....

Don't be such a pita!
po Jhann Август 22, 2006
You have to delete the whole entry, make changes, and add it back in anytime you want to change anything? What a big pita!
po Starfucker Октобар 10, 2007
portuguese slang for vagina
A tua pita e grande e cheira a peixe.

Your vagina is big and smells like fish.
po rui costa Јун 16, 2006
My boss is a pita!
po chorizo2134 Фабруар 8, 2009
1. Abbrefiation for ''Pain In The Ass''.

2. The flat bread the put shoarma or lettuce in.
1. That prick annoys me all the time! He's a real pita!

2. Last night I ate some pita's with shoarma just around the corner.
po P.I.T.A. Март 2, 2010