noun: luck
That shot was total piss.
po Alfanug Април 1, 2004
Piss is a slang term for Heroine
he works his ass of for piss.
po flizer Јун 17, 2005
a friend/"homie" that is cool.
jimmy-yo wut up piss
bob-chillin piss just chillin
po jhon mcgath Фабруар 21, 2004
A vulgar way of saying pee.
Bob: I just pissed my pants bro!
po KingOfPotatoes Мај 12, 2016
Keystone Light or Natural Light, cheap beer outside of Busch, usually consumed by the mentally ill, frat boys, and homosexuals
Hey buddy let's go get a 30 pack of piss and have sex tonight.
po smalldick96 Јун 24, 2016
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