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Mexican slang word for prison. Often used by members of "Nuestra Familia" and "Mexcan Mafia"
When are you coming out of the pinta holmes?
po brown huero Децембар 30, 2003
210 69
chicano slang for prision
he vato yo la tenía mejor en la pinta
hey vato I used to live better inside prision
po arielrock Мај 4, 2013
4 1
Cuban slang word meaning very well dressed or has nice bling.
El tipo tiene tremenda pinta.
po Richard Fleites Април 3, 2008
77 84
when a woman passes gas during buttsex.
Boy-What was that sound?
Ho-Sorry i just Pinta'd.
po Naughty Santa Јун 27, 2009
20 44
In Azorean slang: vagina!
I would like to get some of that pinta.
po papam95075 Фабруар 6, 2011
5 30
an acronym commonly used by teachers to describe an annoying child while they're right in front of them; stands for "Pain IN The Ass"
Little Johnny wet himself again; he is is such a pinta.
po Nikki Marie Stephens Јануар 17, 2008
18 45
a girl who thinks she is popular
She is such a pinta
po lickey Јул 25, 2008
8 42