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a cop hang-out, like Dunkin' Donuts, Krispy Kreme, or the police station.
You must be a fucking idiot trying to rob a pig sty like Dunkin' Donuts. Have fun up north, bitch.
po Nick D Април 5, 2003
16 8
1) A mess.

2) A cop hangout.
1) Clean up your room, it looks like a pig sty.

2) Don't be dealing outside of 7-11. That place is a total pig sty.
po Lithane Новембар 30, 2009
6 2
A pigsty is a police station, where all the pigs hang out. Also called copshop.
Dude, stay away from the area of Truman and Noland, that's where the pigsty is.
po shomesomethin Јул 13, 2010
4 1
Totally unnecessary.

Pronounced: "Pig-stee"
Someone says/does something totally irrelevant, rude, or unnecessary.

"You look totally fucking ugly today."
"Dude, that was kind of pigsty."
po AlysonRae Август 28, 2009
5 9
Police Station
The pigs arrested my brother and he's in the pig sty.
po Abdul Април 17, 2003
3 9