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Net slang meaning "purple fog"; used to describe someone who exudes an aura of homosexuality.
You can't walk into that phoggy PlanetSide forum without turning gay, or at least bi.
po Arelim Август 4, 2006
16 8
Street name used to describe somebody who pimps, and does not "share the hoes."
Yo that dude be phogging man! As soon as I get my new caddy im gonna be the phog on the block, and all the hoes will be mine!
po J2k7 Новембар 30, 2006
9 5
He is the "Pimp Hand of God".
He is the PHOG on this street.
po Ordnance Март 22, 2007
5 3
A photo-blog, consisting primarily of photographs and descriptions by the phog owner.
Did you see that Ansel Adams updated his phog yesterday?
po EclecticMunk Септембар 21, 2009
1 1
A non-existent creature made up when I was stoned one day. Is a cross between a telephone and a canine.
"You are a complete idiot."
po Mr. Stab Јул 2, 2004
9 10
An acronym for Phantom Owners Group. A paintball forum specifically created to discuss the CCI Phantom paintball marker.

Invented long before anything defining it as gays or pimps.
I was on PhOG earlier and saw an awesome upgraded marker, so I told the guy I will have to get those mods.
po thecoolbluereason Мај 2, 2010
0 2
an obsessive forum spammer, in denial about his spamming habits.
"you're such a phog."
"no i'm not!"
"denying it only proves i'm right."
po Zatozia Август 5, 2006
4 8