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paki women are hot 4 sho
dont be hatin cuz ur white chikks r damn ugly
po Bebe Фабруар 23, 2005
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A paki is a word used to describe a person from south asia, Usually works for T-Mobile or in a call centre of some kind.. eventually progressing to the goal of self employed Kebab shop owner.

Paki's are tax exempt and always have a brother that can get it cheaper. They all drive the same VW golf, and always carry more than one mobile phone, usually the other mobile contains terrorist texts messages and the phone numbers of numerous other terrorist. Paki phones usually carry PDF version of holy Qur'an on them, some have even branched out and have iPhone SDK developer programs in which the created their own app called.. "iExplode" unfortunatly for the paki's it was rejected by apple...

typical paki names consist of: sanjee, abdul and kuri sawse
Male 1: "check out this paki he's doing a donut in his car"
Male 2: "is that a toyota corola?"
Male 1: "no, its a VW golf"
po garbled? Јул 11, 2010
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Sing. 'Paki'.

1. A catch-all term for any Muslim immigrant in Britain.

2. (In UK) A BIG mistake made by well-meaning British power brokers in the 50's and 60's who were attempting to keep wage-rates down.

3. A person who, rather than adopt western ways, chooses to adhere to a 3rd world peasant lifestyle except when it comes to Housing Benefit, free education etc.

4.The ghetto-dwelling primitives who bring a little piece of the 3rd world to a town near you.

5. A race of people who are remarkable only for the fact that their 'culture' brings absolutely nothing positive to the host nation they infest.

6. A race of people utterly bereft of any idea of fair play, decency, truthfulness or honesty.

7.Brutal oppressors of women.If I were to treat my wife or daughter like the average Paki treats his, I would be arrested within a week.

8. Serial fondlers, abductors, assaulters and rapists of white girls. Ask any Policeman who trusts you (not to get him sacked for telling the truth!)

9. The people who my children will be fighting in a Balkan-style power struggle in the near future.

10. A protected minority who can say and do what he likes with impunity, but when crticized, has the power to get you thrown into jail.
20 years ago, the Pakis lived in a square mile round Norbury Street.

They are now half way down Mottram Road.

20 years from now?
po Doc Johnson Јануар 10, 2005
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a rude abbreviation of the word 'pakistani'
"that paki @%%#%#$?!?!"
po Sai Децембар 26, 2003
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Parasitic people from the subcontinent. Highly migratory when it comes to rich, non-Muslim countries where they can exploit the welfare system, civil rights and tolerant culture missing in their homeland. Tends to operate in extended families and mix with its own kind.

In Britain: protected minority
Person1: What is that arrogant brown piece of shit in the baseball cap?

Person2: That's a Paki
po nonono nono Фабруар 10, 2005
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All you saying the pakis are great and that thats fine but think about it they can get away with almost anything they want. Take for example there is an MP in london who is half-black half-jewish and she was abused by pakis at a commemmoration service for jews that died in the holocaust. The pakis got away with it. If it was white people abusing pakis or blacks at a commemmoration for dead pakis or wateva then you couldnt move for police. HOW COME WE ARE NOW BEING RACIST TO OURSELVES AND YET YOU PAKIS STILL COMPLAIN.
Police 1: theres someone getting raped over there lets stop him.
Police 2: cant man hes a paki he'll tell the papers and we'll end up getting our jobs took off us.
po thomas the wank engine Април 21, 2005
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A racist term that is often applied to people of Pakistani or South Asian descent. Its origins are commonly traced back to about 30 years ago, when British hooligans used the term Paki-bashing to refer to the gang beating of ethnic minorities.

Today, it is commonly used by ethnocentric and insensitive white people who either:

a) cannot tolerate 3rd world immigration even though their forefathers colonized the shit out of Asia, Africa and the Americas;
b) want to make fun of immigrants who have left their homelands to seek a better living in the country that prospered from fucking up and stealing resources from said homelands;
c) are too stupid to realize that many immigrants do the menial jobs they themselves would hate to do;

Paki is also sometimes used by mistake as a short form of Pakistani. Even this is frowned upon though, as it is an indicator of a person's ignorance towards people of different cultures and nations. The most famous example of this "accidental" usage may be in a remark George W. Bush made in 2002 when asked about the nuclear rivalry between Pakistan and India.

Don't be fooled by the narrow-minded xenophobes who have attempted to explain this term - calling a brown person a Paki is just as derogatory as calling a black person a nigger.
"Go back to your country, Paki."

"Sorry pal, I don't think I'll be able to board a plane again thanks to your country's anti-terror laws. Looks like I'm here to stay. Shall we discuss William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens over tea and biscuits instead? That's what people do around here don't they?"
po obesechipmunk Децембар 17, 2012
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Mainly people from uncivilised countries.

They hold beliefs that were outdated hundreds of years ago, For example women have to cover their faces, all non beleivers are evil, killing yourself is ok, pigs are disgusting ( talk about racism) and their god the prophet muhammed was a fucking peado ( He was shagging a six year old).

They leech off our benifit system, then import their relatives to do the same.

They could get away with murder if they wanted ( some already have)

They stink of curry and garlic and shit (due to the shit they eat)

They have stolen trades and made them paki only, ie: Taxi driver, Shop owner and Doctor.

They actually think theyre black (its cos i iz black innit, wag1, yard, izit, yo etc)

They are all ugly (look at them)

As i said above theyre god was a fucking, dirty, sweaty stinkin peado.

Av sum of that you cunts!
po Pissed off Briton Децембар 8, 2007
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