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seriously, for real
that bitch was fine, on the real
po Cortney fischer Октобар 28, 2003
term used to emphasize seriousness; not joking
I know I hang out with her alot but, on the real, I'm not looking for a long-term relationship
po Avery A. Фабруар 9, 2007
On the real, we will go tomorrow.
po kelley k Новембар 5, 2003
1. confirming that you are telling the truth

2. a phrase that lets someone know that something is legit and honest
ex. 1

Girl: Dude, are you sure that party is gonna be bomb?

Boy: Yea, i heard there's gonna be four kegs, on the real.

ex. 2

Person 1: I heard you boned Rebecca yesterday.

Person 2: (smiling) On the real.
po so phresh so clean Децембар 20, 2008
seriously, for real
she was totally frontin'. on the reals.
po elizabeth Март 9, 2004
u swear sumthing is tru
on the reals yo, that bitch keeps getting on mah nerves
po XXlEXBaNGXX Фабруар 29, 2008
something that is real and truthful
po E Август 19, 2003
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