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Mexico Maybe from “Totonaca”, a Mexican tribe of the Pre-Columbian era-
Classless, pretentious, obtrusive, the Mexican version of white trash. Mostly blue-collar undereducated people, but can be applied even to a wealthier crowd (nouveaux riches, snob). They’re characterized for having no respect for others. Their only source of information is television. Males usually are truly soccer fans and females are telenovelas (soaps) fans. Most nacos like to name their sons with anglo-saxon names. It may be used as an adjective for both persons and objects.
“El Kevin cree que poniendole neon a su coche va a ser mas rapido, se ve bien naco.”
“Kevin thinks that neon lights on his car will make it faster, it looks so naco.”
po smpdigital Јун 4, 2004
Trashy. low-class; nouveau riche; tourist
Originally a Mexican word used to insult low-class people it's slowly becoming part of the American vernacular because they don't have a word as all-encompassing. It's used as a general insult for someone who you think is less sophisticated than you, regardless of wealth.
Look at all the nacos in Times Square wearing Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts!
Maria-Lupe is such a naca. She only eats lobster when she goes out on a date because she thinks it makes her look classy.
po Nico Naco Мај 1, 2004
A poor looking tasteless no class tacky person.

Word is commonly used among Mexicans.
Loria looks like a naca wearing here frizzy bangs, crusty long acrylic toe nails, "Just" Jeans,and her fake ass Coach bag.

"Don't be a naco dude, please don't put bull horns and a horse saddle on your 1981 beat up low rider truck"
po Veronica Јул 30, 2003
Naco (fmn. naca) is a pejorative word often used in Mexican Spanish to describe bad-mannered and poorly educated people. A naco is usually associated with lower socio-economic classes, but could also sometimes include the nouveau riche.

Vocabulary that is considered naco includes:

"Chale" - used to express dismay
"carnal" - most commonly to refer to a brother, but may refer to a friend, depending on the setting.
cámara - literally means "camera". It is used as a synonym of "OK".
"verga" - "penis" when used as a noun, may also be used as an interjection to express worry.
"chingón" and its politer equivalent "chido" - equivalent to the aesthetic "cool"
"nave" - literally "ship", used to refer to a car.
"wey" - fella', buddy.
Naco: "Damn, I am so fucking hungry man, give me some tacos please."
Naco: "Puta madre, tengo un chingo de hambre wey, dame unos tacos por favor."
po Dimitri Karpov Јануар 28, 2008
A mexican used for referring to people that has no sense of social education. It has nothing to do with low-class people.
He spitted on the sidewalk, he´s such a naco!
po Real Mexican. Јануар 6, 2013
A pejorative term used by middle and upper class Mexican people to denigrate those who do not conform to their ideal version of Mexican society. A Naco is either a poor, mestizo or indigenous person, or a noveau riche social climber.

The self-identifying "naco" rejects all idealized versions and expectations imposed on him or her by Mexican society and finds comfort, wisdom and guidance in life from the long standing strains of resistance to assimilation and acculturation that his or her forebears engaged in since the 16th century.
I'm not going to hang out with that bunch of naco friends of yours that wear lizard skin boots and belt buckles. Last week your compadre Chato peed in our rosebushes in the front yard when you all got drunk...

I'm keepin it real naco, fuck all this fresa, malinchista bullshit, y que viva Mexico cabrones...
po Eltacote Децембар 27, 2004
Naco (slang), a pejorative slang term in Mexican Spanish
"Look at that naco with his Taz, it looks so naco."
"Mira a ese naco con su Taz, se ve bien naco."
po Weinberg Јануар 27, 2008
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