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To leave the immediate vicinity.
Dude, this place sucks - let's motor.
po Eric Oliver Јул 30, 2003
1) To move quickly. Short for haul ass
"Dude, we better motor if we're going to catch Metallica."
po Eric Oliver Јул 30, 2003
1. An engine.

2. British slang for "automobile".

3. Slang for motorcycle, usually in reference to police motorcycles.
1. Damn it, my motor's shot again!

2. Oi! That wanker just nicked my motor!

3. After passing the test, Jim was assigned to the police department's motor unit.
po swat1975 Септембар 24, 2009
An over-used catch phrase of basketball commentators
The kid's only 6'8" or 6'9" but he's got a great motor
po Potterman Март 7, 2009
a cat's purr
my cat has a loud motor
po Kelley Март 20, 2004