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Acronym for master of marijuana. Also you may have a Grandmom which would be a grand master of marijuana. To become a mom you must complete the necessary charges. Such as one have bought a significant amount of marijuana, sold a significant amount of marijuana and smoked a significant amount of marijuana. Also you must own and use frequently the instruments of the trade.
You my friend, have just became a mom
po Dylan V. Март 27, 2008
She's the one I had deep intercourse with a few days ago. And I have an appointment with her next week,too.
I had sex with your mom.
po granny D Фабруар 22, 2011
Misuse of meme. Typically, when someone is incorrect about their meme usage, you mention mom to alert them of the error.
Guy failing: "I think Master Chief is a pretty cool guy. He kills aliens and isn't afraid of anything."

Guy alerting guy of fail: "Omg, you're so retarded, I'm calling mom!"
po themanwholies Јануар 7, 2011
the way Americans spell mum!
my mum gave birth to me in England
mom wrongly spelt word
po londoner! Март 29, 2011
A very sweet loving person HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Mom
a hard working person named Mom
po Zyan Coyle Мај 10, 2008
The number one source of great jokes worldwide
I had rough sex with your mom last night
po Bill Новембар 28, 2005
the best person a girl can have in her life, a person who lovers her cares for her and is there for her. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! people think their cool if they diss their mom but lets all face it: MOMS ROCK!!!!! <3
mom is the best :)
po who do u think i am Октобар 27, 2010