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A result of too much oestrogen in the drinking water is the development of 'man boobs' or man breasts.
Look at the man boobs on that guy.
po phatboy Новембар 2, 2003
184 55
boobs on a man. not nessecarily big. because breasteses come in all shapes and sizes. but manboobs are better when theyre small
damn his manboobs are soft and squishy
po Manboobs Lover Новембар 27, 2003
257 135
lots of extra bodyfat that men create when they don't exercise and eat right. the opposite of a girl's boobs.
ahhh those man boobs are really hairy.
po Patrick Dron Октобар 27, 2004
215 98
man with boobs
usually fat
i was at raging waters and i saw a dude with man boobs
po yo mama Април 29, 2004
195 81
When a big pulla squeezer geaser is basically so fat he has tits.
I can't believe that guy's got bigger tit s than me.
po Amilia Април 20, 2004
185 74
Breasts found on fat, overweight men.
That Sumo Wrestler had a huge pair of manboobs.
po Glittery Goddess Јун 27, 2004
138 31
Taxi driver in North London of Indian origin who claims that there is only one shop open in London after 2am, the shop being in Brick Lane.
Also a term for a liar.
Man Boob, Man boob, are you telling me there is only 1 shop open in a city of 8 million? You're a liar Man boob.
po robbie3425645764 Децембар 14, 2007
323 216