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m00p means "whateva, bro... lets smoke some weed because I really couldn't care less about anything right now."
example conversation:
"Hey, how was that dude you was...with... lastnight?"
"well, m00p"
"damn, that sucks"
"yeah, get the weed man"
po alottapussywigglesuck Јануар 28, 2004
7 20

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"m00p" originated from retards back in 500 AD and has developed into the biggest retard on earth and has no purpose in life. v. m00p is actually short for "piece of shit"
po anonymous Јун 7, 2003
4 17
fuck b0g, m00p rules
you down with m00p, not b0g, right?
po m00pmaster Новембар 12, 2003
3 17
The most badass African/porra motherfucker. With the largest penis. badass...
m00p is my hero. I want to fuck him.
po Rapts Јун 2, 2003
2 20
Very short person with absolutely now chance at life.
Also known to be Moridins biggest fan.
po anonymous Јун 7, 2003
1 20