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deep affection towards your significant other which is stronger than like, yet not as strong as love.
i'm in loke with you.
po this girl Август 29, 2005
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a young thug
hes a baby loke
po mOo MoO Децембар 25, 2003
young gangsta living in L.A. or L.A. area
"So you a wanna be loke, and you'll get smoked" Eazy-E (Real Muthaphukkin G'z)
po Cold_Sniper Мај 5, 2005
still loked out, all my dogs from the past, dead or smoked out./ take them lokes off while you're inside you dummy
po gay 4 you Април 7, 2003
the type of glasses usually worn by mexican americans. they are also called chico glases by some. the are usually black square frames with smoke black lens.
nice lokes dawg. i got some new lokes. let me see your lokes. what kind of glasses are you going to buy? im going to buy some lokes.
po E.CORTINAS Октобар 23, 2007
An emotion that is inbetween liking someone and loving someone. The word quite litteraly comes between the words like and love LOve liKE... LOKE.
I don't quite love you yet , but I more then just like you, so therefore I loke you.
po Liza Tolkin Март 6, 2008
short for "lowkey", to keep things on the down low; to be secretive over something.
"Hey you know Cheryl cheated on Nick's ass with Mike?"
"Yeah but keep it on the lokes."
po ain't a snitch nigga Април 29, 2014

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