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Slang for Hello.
-Lo, Bob.
po low Јануар 12, 2003
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Used to draw attention to something.
po John Adams Август 20, 2002
lo means Hello, not lol
User I: hey
User II: lo
User I: what's funny?
User II: ??? nothing
User I: u said lol
User II: no, I said "lo", like "hello"
po dinomario10 Јул 11, 2008
1.The coolest person alive.

2. an extremely tall person
3. a dutchie
Ohmygosh, have u talked to loes? she is so tall!
po Rawrr55455 Септембар 17, 2010
A cooler quicker, lazier way of saying hello.
Jim: " 'lo!"

Frank: "who is this?"
po JDub1983 Јун 24, 2008
Lack of Sex...
Jane: *sigh*
June: What's the matter? L.O.S(lack of sex)
po PweetyVampire Јун 4, 2010
A short hand version of hello.
'Lo Ronald.
po omgwtf Јул 24, 2003

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