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Shorthand for "lithium."
"My pdoc wants to try me on lith next."
po lp Јун 24, 2004
9 4
If someone is of the Lithuanian decent, you would call them a Lith. Usually used in a racial form.
"yo lith make me a hot sandwich you tall bastard.
po Andrizzy Јануар 2, 2012
5 1
a tall slouch necked being, runs in the form of a true druid man of the wilderness. Also known to live in the home of loud blathering lithuanians. Not known to leave their domestic area often.
Fuck you lith, leave you house.
po Clayton T Октобар 18, 2007
12 13
Paris Hilton is a huge lith.
po dirtyscrabble22 Јануар 2, 2010
1 6