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Snowboard slang for the very end of a snowboard jump. A lip is the very end where the jump has a little kick to it.
forget that jump how am I supposed to bust a cab 9 with that much of a lip on that jump
po Април 27, 2003
26 24
A nickname for the inner and outer labia, the fleshy folds that protect a woman's clitoris and vagina.
I could see her lips through her panties.
po KittyGalore Јул 29, 2004
848 240
The gates to heaven.
Man i wanna open up those lips and dive right in.
po Scott Lamm Јун 27, 2006
730 210
doors to pussy
opening to a pussy
po efserewr Децембар 12, 2003
572 243
the freakin things on your mouth.
that can be used to show affection.
one way or another...
I have two things on my mouth that are called lips.
po Chaos Is Eternal Мај 5, 2006
525 271
the action of dipping, or "chewing" tabacco
i think its time we throw in a lip... meaning, lets dip
po whitey, the one and only Јул 20, 2004
197 64
(noun) lips of the vaginal opening.
Yo, watch'o lips!
po Fangsta Децембар 14, 2003
308 178
To give someone lip is to talk back to them, to speak them in a disrespectful manor etc

Generally when someone speaks to someone significantly older then them with a level of disrespect, contempt and/or in a considending tone that shows they have no respect for their elder(s).

No one likes it when someone gives them lip.

To give someone lip is practially begging them to take you over their knee and give you a spanking.
Adult: Please stay off my grass; you're runing it by running all over it.
Kid: *talks back*
Adult: Don't you give me lip boy!
po Anonymous Јануар 3, 2005
175 68