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Often meaning the guy you have fallen in love with and hope to marry. Someone you dream of often.
He's so wonderful, he's my Kent.
po Define-it Новембар 17, 2008
698 262
An annointed sexual diety.
OMG! That... was... AMAZING! You're such a Kent!
po kinsmuccok Октобар 29, 2008
546 275
The man who all other men are judged by. Huge penis, ripped bod, super clever and all around stellar person.
If he were any better, he would be Kent.
po haoleboy77 Јул 7, 2011
254 152
extremely sexy guy who fries at wrestling and bball. May be short but whitty. Has a great body and loves to eat alot.
Oh man he's like Kent. Kent is so cool.
po kento 2008 Фабруар 12, 2008
319 277
another word for "cunts"
the class kents are going to die
po < D.u.M > Август 18, 2006
80 38
Kent is a county in southeast England. It is known that Kent is full of pikeys and has the most number of caravans and mobile homes in England.
You're from Kent? Please remove your caravan from the village green.
po whitelined Мај 8, 2009
210 187
Kent is a Swedish rock band founded in Eskilstuna in 1990.
I love Kent's "Unprofessional" (song).
po vjb Октобар 21, 2006
138 120