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gorgeous girl thats the best person on the face of the earth
katie is the best
po thisisannoying Септембар 6, 2008
582 215
An amazing beautiful person. Who is a great and fun person to be around with. Katie is also a person who can bring a smile to your face and when she smiles back it warms your heart. Katie also has all the below characteristics.

1. Nice
2. Beautiful/ Cute
3. Someone you could talk to for hours on end.
4. Has the tendency for people to stare at her because she's so cute.
5. Makes you miss her right after you just saw her.
6. Is beautiful both inside and out.
You know you're a Katie if

Your favorite songs are: "I'll Be", "Our Song", "Love story", "Because You Live", and "Chicken Fried"

Your favorite candy is: Peanut M&Ms

Common first impressions are: Whoa who's that awesome person?

po Larry<3Katie Фабруар 22, 2009
598 260
a beautiful and inspiring girl. gets her heart broken easily but gets through it with the help of good friends. although crazy and wild she is loved by everyone even when she's being a brat. always wants to hang out or party but never set her hopes to high for something that won't happen. a friend that everyone wants and needs.
wow that girl is amazing! no wonder she's a katie!
po girlygal1823 Јун 27, 2010
515 198
A very beautiful girl, and a good friend. A Katie is often described as: hot, sexy, beautiful, kind, giggly.
Wow, look at her, she's such a katie!
po her4evergirl Октобар 28, 2008
510 201
Is an almost perfect person, shes only not perfect because no one is. Not only is she almost perfect, she is beautiful, smart, hilarious, sexy, irresistible, cute, and graceful. She will always have a place in my heart.
damn, there's katie
po EazyE312 Новембар 5, 2009
383 148
pure in heart and soul
katie is soo pure
po aircunt Септембар 8, 2008
396 166
One strong person. kind and compassionate and never seems to let you give up on yourself. someone everyone should be able to meet at least once, gives great advice. Someone who always encourages you to go for your dreams.
Maybe you should try being more like Katie.

Katie makes everyone all smiley.
po soccachick238 Март 22, 2009
356 140