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Just to let you know
jtlyk my name is not Bob
po .:Balderdash:. Април 21, 2004
113 19
just to let you know
Jtlyk, your zipper's not zipped.
po Little Ari C(: Фабруар 16, 2009
49 13
Just to let you know.

Used to inform people of potentially useful information.
Joe: I was at the movies yesterday.
Jane: Oh, what did you go see?
Joe: Star Trek. It's completely worth the 10$ jtlyk.
po fellkin Јун 11, 2009
12 3
acronym for "just to let you know" usually used in a not so serious conversation
J.T.L.Y.K , I can't go tomorrow.
po qwan allman Јул 29, 2008
5 0
~Just to let you know.

synonomous wih "btw" this is for those who like to get fancy with their internet slang.
On Aim:

jack- ima go afk for a while
alex- k. i'll still be on jtlyk
jack- what?
alex- just to let you know
jack- let me know what?
alex- just go afk already goddamnit -.-
po A smart dumbass Јануар 18, 2010
7 4
Just To Let You Know.
Why do people take pictures of themselves giving the bird? That's not attractive..or cool..jtlyk
po inthedark Фабруар 6, 2010
5 3
"Just to let you know"
I've done all the homework JTLYK
po YOLOP Мај 6, 2014
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