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To overturn another in verbal sparring, particularly in front of a group.
Often said upon the occurrence of such an event.
Person 1: "Your penis is of insubstantiate length and/or size."
Person 2: "In accordance with the events transpired last night, your mother would disagree."
Person 1: "Joust."
po Yossarian8 Мај 12, 2004
8 14
Using ones erect penis against another person or friend with an erect penis and running at full speed at each other and whoever gets stabbed by the erect penis loses.
"Oh man my stomach has an enormous bruise from when your dick hit me at our last jousting session"

"Fuck dude my black eye isn't getting much better from jousting last friday"
po Negro Flakes Март 3, 2009
2 10
to take a long "stick" a put it in some one's face
Many people want to joust me
po chunx Новембар 3, 2005
5 13
pain to another organism
i will joust you!
po drew Мај 2, 2003
2 21