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To masturbate; to play with oneself until you start to feel tingly.
I went to jerk-off in your face!
po Chris Feda Август 23, 2007
93 47
(noun) An insult. Can mean idiot, moron, inbred sun of a bitch, etc.
Biggie: go get me a sandwich

Angry Italian: okaya fine, ia hate-a you

Biggie: this isn't a sandwich, its a popsicle. Nice job jerk-off

Angry Italian: Oh I'lla jerka you off

Biggie: what?
po Brennan Kennedy Мај 12, 2005
101 72
George W. Bush
George W. Bush is a fucking jerk-off.
po Energy Април 23, 2006
176 153
A guy that makes me a little uneasy.
Hey that jerkoff over there is making me a little uneasy.
po Matt,Nick and C.J Март 28, 2008
43 30
A douche bag who despite there cockiness and outward appearance is a secret fag and an obvious moron.
That jerkoff only dates slags.
po InYoFaceBitch Октобар 15, 2008
46 34
used normally as a description of a person that is otherwise known as an idiot. (with or without a hyphen)
I hate scampie. Jerk-off drank my last beer!
po monsto Јануар 15, 2003
215 204
Person who only think about doing stuff but never gets his thumb out of his ass and does it. A jerk-off.
07:17 <u{s}e{r}> raskolnikov is a very unbefitting nickname, you should be called joedouche or joejerk-off instead
07:19 <Raskolnikov> u{s}e{r}: I killed a Jew once, that's why
07:19 <Raskolnikov> OK, I didn't actually kill her... But I thought about it
po [u]{s}[e]{r} Јул 11, 2011
15 5