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unfaithfulness to a sexual partner.
Lack of loyalty or religious belief
po Mmm SeanPaul Септембар 25, 2003
Going outside of a monogomous relationship for sexual intercourse, companionship, or attention. Cheating.
Infidelity is a nicer way of saying my wife makes my tuna with other guys' mayonaise?
#cheat #cheating #whore #slut #ho
po needmaps Март 8, 2012
a threesome you weren't invited to
She said she wasn't committing an infidelity, just that I wasn't invited to this ménage à trois. She promises she'll take me alpine skiing with the next guy she picks up.
#cheating #unfaithful #slut #ho #two-timer
po partytrap Фабруар 24, 2013
s a violation of a couple's assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity
most marriages end due to infidelity
po AOHARURIDE Октобар 25, 2015
The state of being unfaithful, to either a partner, friend, co-worker, etc.
Kim: Did you hear that John cheated on Karen?
Sue: Yeah, John has some serious infidelity issues.
#unfaithful #deceitful #tricky #decieving #naiive
po suppakool#20 Децембар 7, 2011
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