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Person conceived of breeding between two closely related couples, or someone with a very weak gene pool, but usually the former. Places famous for being rather inbred are some remote or scummy parts of the UK (where the chav population is high) and US redneck areas. This is a great shame for both countries as both have a typically wide gene pool due to different peoples settling over many hundreds of years. Also, royal circles are rather inbred too, for legitimacy reasons.
Eugh, look at the inbred...actually, second thoughts, don't.
po TimFS Децембар 28, 2004
812 167
A practice where closely related family members produce children. Because of this, the genes inherited may cause problems for the child where the child's genes may have suffered due to the lack of genetic diversity.
Royal families, neocons, and extremists are all the products of inbreeding.
po MrClean Март 1, 2005
689 163
When you fuck your family members.
Hey Iean, Julios Inbred.
po revenge king Март 13, 2005
600 217
the king clan in georgia! cousin fuckers!
the inbred got their truck repossesed! HAHAHA!!!!
po da trick biatch Новембар 26, 2005
765 457
British Royals and the KKK
same family tree

same dental work
po ha ha ha ha Јун 29, 2004
308 55
European Royal families

U.S. Presidents and Congress

KKKissin' cousins!!!!!

Bunch of astrologers.
304 62
One who's family tree goes in a straight line.
Please don't search "Inbred"on Google Images...
po Ben Reave Фабруар 14, 2012
230 14