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a person who slaps people with his penis
that hobnocker over there just slapt me with his dick
po thehobnocker Новембар 9, 2009
2191 1500
Something gross and illegal
"You're a hobnocker"-British dude from iCarly
po iCarly fan(: Фабруар 9, 2009
1882 1693
A hobnocker is someone that does something illegal and gross (not to be confused with "hobnobber," which is a cool and awesome geek).
A hobnocker is someone that is addicted to illegal drugs.
A hobnocker is an alcoholic.
A hobnocker is a derogatory term describing a lowlife and pervert.

A hobnocker is a person who goes around slapping people with their genitalia.
That hobnocker should be arrested !
po offtheheasyjm Март 4, 2010
684 615
One who goes around hitting people in the testicles
This dude is a hobnocker
po tweaking chicano Март 20, 2010
551 501
1. Someone who slaps others with their penis and/or testicles
2. Someone who (male or female) who has any kind of sexual intercourse with an animal, whether it be vaginal, oral, anal or any other type of intercourse
3. Someone who frequently masturbates publicly
4. A child molester

This term was made famous on the popular Nickelodeon "iCarly".
Jay-Z: Would you go back out with Chris Brown?
Rihanna: NO! Chris Brown Is Such A Hobnocker!
po YoungKari Јул 9, 2010
340 309
"Hobnocker" is a completely made up word from the nickelodeon show iCarly.

All of the previous definitions were written to Urban Dictionary AFTER the episode of iCarly with the meaningless word aired early 2009, all of the previous comments being a little bit later on.

The only description (from the episode of iCarly) is "gross... and illegal"
"You hobnocker!"

---------------From iCarly---------------
Carly: "Whats a hobnocker?"
Sam: whispers
Carly: "Eww, thats gross!"
Sam: "And illegal"
po ALonelySoulFromARandomPlanet:) Јун 24, 2011
176 157
A thing that you should never ever do to people because it is gross, illegal and rude.
Hay that guys a hobnocker" or (on ICarly) "you hobnocker
po Singer2010 Јул 25, 2010
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