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meaning no with strong feeling no just no its hell no
do you like that girl over there?
'hell no'
po feamle balla Децембар 14, 2003
324 47
you did not just do that!
The love below!
awww hell no!
po skynyrd Мај 31, 2004
107 62
hell no:

Just using hell as an adective, by makin' your impression stronger.
:are you commiting to relations?
:hell no!

:because i'm an Alfie!
po David-TT Април 12, 2007
70 44
To exclaim no, or make it stronger.
p1. can i have 100 dollars
p2. Oh hell no
p1. why not
p2. hell no
p1. because why
p2. i said no i already gave you money
po Sw33tNyCandie Август 9, 2010
41 23
hell no u yella bella shit wipe no
something u say to a person from hell
po somkey ugathanki Август 8, 2005
19 120