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Gwan is a Pattwa' word, It is mainly a Jamaican term. It can mean two things to *go away or *what is going on
Go away - "Tell da boys dem fi gwan."
what is going on? - "Whatta gwan?"
po sacha Мај 11, 2004
507 152
slang from Cork city in Ireland - short for "go on". The term made it's made to the Carribean while Irish slaves were shipped there in the 16th and 17th centuries. Slang Irish terms like this then made their way into the Carribean "patois", particularly Jamaica, where "gwan" is pronounced and used in exactly the same way as in Cork city in Ireland.
"Ah gwan ya langball ya"

"Please do go on about that wonderful event that you are informing me about."
po starchaser Фабруар 6, 2004
284 147
idiom: going on
wa gwan star?
po anonymous Август 22, 2003
173 86
Guyanese word for "going on"
Aye wa' gwan
Hey what's going on
po Reeyah Април 23, 2006
124 83
Irish slang for 'go on!'.

Used as an expression of enthusiasm.
Mrs Doyle ''Ahh, g'wan! G'wan, g'wan, g'wan g'wan!!''
po MonkeySwans Фабруар 1, 2012
10 2
Jamaican for "go on"
Jamaican: "Whatta gwan?"
po cErTiFiEd Фабруар 3, 2005
109 110
A term used to describe the feeling you get after smoking marijuana and can also be used to refer to the ganja itself.
"My friends and i just smoked a fat blunt and we're pretty Gwan."

"Hey man you got any Gwan?"

po SmellyFishMan Јул 5, 2009
19 97