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The muscle tension in the face that usually ends up with the jaw and tongue rolling and teeth grinding as a result of amphetamines.
Argh, I'm gurning! My jaw's gonna hurt in the morning!
po Nekromekanik Мај 22, 2005
The uncontrollable mouth movement caused by certain drugs. without the aid of chewing gum can result in serious interior mouth damage.
mate these pills are banging, got some proper gurning going on
#gurn #gurning #drugs #x #mashed
po rooney425 Јул 10, 2008
To cry/moan about something

Usually said in Northern Ireland
"Andrea stop yer gurning"

"Gonna end up gurning in a minute"
#gurn #cry #moan #complain #sad
po LazerboxOfFrogs Новембар 3, 2012
symptoms: sometimes tight jaw syndrome and the abilty to waffle bollox.
po fluff ball Септембар 2, 2003
a phrase or word witch means an individual who is desperate to masturbate. usually can see these through facial emotions or erotic behaviour stereotypically found in the young male with second name Corner.

Symptoms include
Grunting LOAD grunting, thrusting hip movements,adjustments in groinal region
Sorry boys no more ps3 now your going to have to go i need to masturbate. Or the new term I'm Gurning all those meanings brought into one.
#grunting #gruntting #thrusting #masterbate #gurning #load
po babyrod Март 14, 2011
to complain in a whiney manner
ok aaron stop your gurning
po Gavin Новембар 18, 2003
To suck in your pee before it comes out.
Im gurning because im in someone`s house
#penis #poo #purning #vagina #ding dong
po butt face fred Октобар 13, 2007
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