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A complete hopless bitch. Fucking lazy fuck should be shot. A whore. See also tunnel-gutted fuck bag.
Good is a fucking loser. Your girlfriend is such a good, she screwed me.
po Jason Април 13, 2005
4 54
Ok with remaining the same. Content
Do you want some juice? Nah I'm Good
po isoken Март 21, 2004
775 216
opposite of bad
"you're not bad, you're good!"
po etchasketch Новембар 23, 2003
452 288
Slang used when talking to your pot dealer. Instead of asking if he has marijuana, you ask if he's good. Keeps your dealer under the radar, and he would appreciate it. SMOKE HERBAGE
My dealer was Good so I went and bought some of that Good Good.
po Herbageman420 Фабруар 25, 2009
258 130
Any part of the body that one finds sexy or attractive
"Damn, baby, show me those goods (titties)."
po Aarhen Април 22, 2004
96 32
(n.) high quality kind bud that often results in a near catatonic state
Say bra, you want to come over and hit a bowl of the good?
po erxxxleben Новембар 14, 2006
165 126
To be modestly exceptional in bed.
Damn! You were so good...
po Jo Фабруар 1, 2003
264 242
A person who would be an excellent 'shag'. One stage higher than a 'would'. The best in the good, would, could, dud scale.
Good - Angelina Joile
Would - Sarah Palin
Could - Rosie O'Donnell
Dud - Joan Rivers
po Dog Egg Март 9, 2009
79 60