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someone who gets turned on by stuffed animals and has sex with them on occassion
Get that bitch away from my Teddy Ruxpin. I heard she a furry!
po realgeekgirl Јун 16, 2011
a being who has the body of a human and spirit of an animal.
She may seem 100% human, but she is a true furry.
po Elektra22 Март 5, 2010
n (plural furries); people who constantly read and/or write definitions of the entries "furry", "furries" and/or "Star Fox" on Urban Dictionary.
Some furry just wrote another definition for "Furry" on Urban Dictionary and actually thinks we can't tell it's a furry.

Another furry just bookmarked this page so s/he can write a new definition for furry whenever someone writes a derogatory one.
po zkep Јул 9, 2010
A type of person (though they refuse to be called a person due to their affinity with animals) who acts as though they have fur growing on every square centimeter of their body, wants to obtain a fursuit, and most likely wears a collar for real animals.

Most furries rant about how nobody loves them, even though a plethora of horny animal-wannabes keep trying to yiff with the lonely furry. This sometimes causes the lonely furry to draw obscene, depressing, badly made pictures of their fursona (animal alterego) bleeding, crying, howling, cutting themselves (even though they might possess aposable thumbs), growling, etc.

Another majority of furries, mostly female, are attention whores. Once their lover leaves them, they become depressed and sometimes do the things mentioned in the above paragraph. Once they decide from the millions of male/female furries who want to mate, they suddenly become the happiest "animal" alive.

The art that furries draw is amusingly/strangely morbid. Furry art ranges from nude bipedal animals having "soft spots" from grotesquely muscular beasts cuddling their male/female lover. I advise staying away from amateur furry art unless you want to develop a tumor. Some furry artists are actually quite good.

Though I've said a lot of horrible things about furries, not all of them are bad. If you find a furry who doesn't want to have sex every minute of its life, there's a good chance he/she will be a reliable friend.
Furry: Hi! :333 *pokes your crotch*

Lonely Furry: Nobody loves me, nobody's there to say it's ok :cccc </333 I'm gonna die alone
Horny Furry:Ohbby<3 Let's yiff
Lonely Furry:OGAWD I love my life <333 Not as much as I love you though ;PP LOL
po Scraggling Hab-jerky Децембар 6, 2010
A group of borderline zoophiles who take refuge to the internet. They masturbate to cartoon animal porn and wonder why everybody who isn't a furry hates them.
Furry: I found some hot Krystal furry hentai!
Sane Individual: wat
po Cool Vendor Септембар 10, 2011
Full-grown men and women who make a hobby of looking and buying art of (sometimes pornographic) cartoon animal-people and going online on IRC, mUCKs, and graphic clients and pretending to be animal-people, then act completely surprised and dumbfounded that some people would even think of mocking them or getting creeped out.
Everyone is furry.....when they're 3.

Furries are the most comically insecure people ever. They make emo kids seem emotionally stable and mature in comparison. Most of the furry defs here were written by the same guy who begs for acceptance in each definition.

Nerd + Goth + animals + virgin = furry.
po Wally Wallies Октобар 29, 2006